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October 16, 2023

Getting to Every Inch of the Site

Lift capacity and reach of two Potain Igo T 99 self-erecting cranes enable Immel Construction to efficiently build a college residence hall in Wisconsin. University of […] Read More
May 10, 2023

Expert Advice on Truss Lifting

Lifting trusses into place comes with a unique set of challenges. Proper equipment — such as versatile Potain self-erecting cranes — can help overcome several of […] Read More
March 17, 2023

Downtown Squeeze No Problem for Compact Potain

A Potain Igo T 85 A self-erecting crane is speeding up production on a limited-space hotel site in rapidly expanding Austin, Texas. Austin, Texas, is one […] Read More
March 14, 2023

Utah Framing Job Gets Major Boost from Potain

A nimble trio of Potain self-erecting cranes — an Igo T 99, an Igo T 85 A, and a Hup 40-30 — is expediting a commercial […] Read More
July 18, 2022

Six Challenges: Six Solutions

Potain self-erecting cranes help contractors overcome a whole host of roadblocks on today’s jobsites. In this article we take a look at six of the most […] Read More
June 10, 2022

Build Faster and Greener with Potain Cranes

The Potain Advantage Potain self-erecting tower cranes are helping contractors build better, smarter, faster, and quieter — all while reducing costs. A single Potain tower crane […] Read More
May 27, 2022

Potain Self-Erecting Cranes: A Go-To Solution in an Evolving Marketplace

Self-erecting cranes have been growing in popularity over the last decade in North America, and to those that routinely use them on the jobsite, this comes […] Read More
May 27, 2022

Cedar Run Construction Replaces Fleet of Telehandlers with One Potain Self-Erecting Crane

The construction of Camp Hill, a new 5-story hotel near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, is the latest in a line of projects undertaken by contractor Cedar Run Construction […] Read More
February 5, 2022

Pennsylvania Contractor Unlocks Productivity with Potain Igo T 130 on Unconventional Build

At a four-story construction site in downtown Allentown, Pennsylvania, a Potain tower crane appears encased inside the courtyard of the complex it is erecting. It’s an […] Read More
December 11, 2021

Labor Shortages Showcase Benefit of Potain Tower Cranes on Jobsites

Tower cranes reach and reliable performance execute the jobs of multiple workers, not to mention the tasks of more conventional equipment. Kelly Hadland, CEO of Compass […] Read More
December 1, 2021

Making a Statement

Dietrich Construction discovers Potain Hup 40-30 self-erecting crane provides greater productivity on downtown Fargo jobsites. Like a lot of downtowns across the United States, Fargo, North […] Read More
November 11, 2021

First Potain Igo T 99 Self-Erecting Crane in North America Goes to Bronson Crane

Utah-based Bronson Crane purchased the first Potain Igo T 99 self-erecting crane in North America, underscoring the company’s reputation for adopting new Potain tower crane models. […] Read More
August 5, 2021

Five Ways the New Potain Igo T 99 Can Boost Efficiency

Potain has introduced the new Igo T 99, a versatile self-erecting crane. Here we explore five ways the crane’s compact design, increased capacity and reach can […] Read More
June 19, 2021

Potain Introduces the New Igo T 99 Self-Erecting Crane with Improved Reach and Capacity

The Potain Igo T 99 is a versatile telescopic self-erecting crane with a 6 t (6.6 USt) capacity and a 48 m (157 ft) reach. Its […] Read More
April 6, 2021

Wood-Frame Construction – U.S. Contractors Reap Benefits with Potain Self-Erecting Cranes

Wood framing is a popular construction method for low-rise commercial and multi-unit residential buildings in North America. As general and subcontractors face ever tighter timelines and […] Read More
February 27, 2021

Sage Construction Delivers Time, Money and Labor Savings On Recent Home Build with Potain Igo MA 21

Sage Construction completed its first home build using a Potain self-erecting crane and reports that by using the crane to enable a new method of construction, […] Read More
February 27, 2021

The Next Generation in Homebuilding

These industry-leading cranes are helping homebuilders overcome tight build timelines and restricted jobsites by building better, smarter, faster and quieter — all while reducing costs. Contractors […] Read More
January 12, 2021

Davis Company Fast-Tracks Apartment Project with Potain Self-Erecting Tower Crane

Displayed at CONEXPO 2020 earlier this year, a Potain Hup M 28-22 self-erecting tower crane is now busy at work helping erect a 192-unit apartment complex […] Read More
December 18, 2020

Link Construction Increases Homebuilding Speed By 3 Weeks with Potain Self-Erecting Crane

Potain self-erecting tower cranes are changing how contractors build houses from the ground up. As the U.S. homebuilding industry remains stable amid downturns in other sectors, […] Read More
December 18, 2020

Frana Companies Accelerates Construction with Potain Igo T 85 A

Frana Companies reaped the benefits of deploying a Potain Igo T 85 A self-erecting crane to build multi-unit apartment complexes. On a project in Minnesota this […] Read More
November 5, 2020

Fager Framing Reduces Build Time By 50% with Potain Self-Erecting Tower Crane

An Iowa contractor framing a new building is finding that using a Potain self-erecting tower crane on the job can help the company complete the project […] Read More
October 30, 2020

Pinetop Custom Homes Completes Homebuilding Projects More Efficiently

Residential homebuilders are seeing outstanding gains in efficiency and cost savings when they replace traditional equipment with Potain self-erecting tower cranes. Where telehandlers and forklifts once […] Read More
October 30, 2020

Quasius Construction Finds Perfect Jobsite Solution

In Sheboygan, Wisconsin, locally-headquartered Quasius Construction has deployed a Potain Igo T 85 A self-erecting tower crane to build the 7 Penn Apartments complex on the […] Read More
October 27, 2020

MK Builders Sees Significant Boost In Efficiency

MK Builders has switched from mobile cranes to Potain self-erecting cranes and seen benefits in efficiency and capabilities saving time and money in the process. The […] Read More