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Featuring simple, rapid setup and high-quality performance, Potain self-erecting tower cranes are especially suited to deliver cost and time savings throughout the building process.

Discover even more savings with cost-effective Potain crane rental options. You’ll enjoy all the benefits of adding a tower crane to your fleet without a long-term financial commitment.

Learn more about the one lifting solution your next jobsite needs.

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Contractors Find New Ways to Complete Jobs Faster

Self-erecting cranes help builders minimize downtime, reduce labor, and drive efficiency.

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  • Photo of Kelly Anderson
    Frana Companies accelerates construction with Potain
    Self-erecting cranes are easy to set up and dismantle. You place them right on the jobsite, and you get the swing radius that can cover most or all of the building area. Read More
  • Photo of Ben Mather
    Fager Framing cuts production in half
    Being the production manager, I have to look at the production side of things. Without a Potain crane, we’re at least a third of the time slower, If not half the time. So with that crane being on site we can cut our production times in half. You can use one crane versus four or five different pieces of machinery. We will absolutely consistently use it. Read More
  • Quasius Logo
    Quasius Construction finds perfect jobsite solution
    Pennsylvania Avenue is a significant road for residents who want to access the lake or riverfront area, so it was essential to minimize public disruption as well as the additional project cost and downtime that road closures would entail. The Igo T 85 A gave us the small footprint, easy setup and long reach necessary for jobsite efficiency. Overall, we are extremely pleased with the Igo T 85 A. It’s a versatile tool that does everything we need it to and more, helping to drive efficiency on site. Read More
  • MK Builders Logo
    MK Builders sees significant boost in jobsite efficiency
    The fact that you can use the remote control to operate this crane from anywhere on the jobsite — in the building or on the ground — is the best thing that could have happened for us. It’s all about speed and efficiency. We complete jobs quicker with the tower cranes and with less people. Read More

Put A Self-Erecting Tower Crane To Work For You.



Move sheetrock and roofing materials directly to a roof's location.

Truss Work and Framing

Hoist assembled roof trusses into place, cutting the need for a special lift.


Utilize a concrete bucket to move concrete with a greater reach on your jobsite.

3-8 Story Commercial Building

Variable height and jib configurations adapt to any jobsite requirement.

Potain Self-Erecting Tower Crane vs Mobile Cranes and Telehandlers

Potain tower cranes have the reach and height versatility to cover your entire jobsite from one location. Plus, their impressive load charts give you the opportunity to win more jobs. Build better by eliminating the need to move and re-assemble equipment for each lift.

Next-Gen Jobsites - A More Versatile Way To Build

Find The Right Self-Erecting Tower Crane For You

Select the max tip capacity at max jib radius you need to identify the best tower crane for your use.

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